HSL app notifications and your routes

Our app notifications help you keep up to date with changes to your routes and their timetables and other transport-related news via the HSL app. Planning your journeys will be easier when you have information of any changes in advance.


Service information important to you

By enabling app notifications in the HSL app, you will receive notifications of the most important service changes and news. Only customers logged in to the app can receive app notifications. In addition, you need to enable app notifications in the app settings. You can select routes and stops for which you wish to receive notifications under your options.

Keep up to date

The app notifications allow you to better keep up to date with changes to your selected routes. The HSL app will notify you immediately if there are changes to your selected routes that affect your journey.

The app notifications enable easier access to information about your routes and stops. They also allow you to see news updates without having to open the HSL app.

How to activate app notifications

Activating app notifications is easy. Simply follow the instructions to easily and quickly activate the notifications.


  1. Open the HSL app.
  2. Select ‘More’ at the bottom of the app.
  3. Select ‘Settings’.
  4. Select ‘Notifications and email’ under ‘Communications settings’.
  5. Enable notifications to your mobile phone.
  6. Select the notifications you wish to enable under ‘Communications’.
  7. You can opt to receive notifications of major disruptions and changes, personal communications relating to the routes and stops you have selected, or cancellations on your selected routes.

    Notifications related to personal communications provide you with information about planned changes to the routes and stops you have selected.

    Notifications related to cancelled services on your selected routes provide you with information about sudden disruptions to the routes important to you.

You will only receive notifications for the routes and stops that you have selected either at HSL.fi or on the app. See below how to add routes and stops.

Your routes, places and stops in the app

You can select your favorite routes and stops in the app. Alternatively, you can select routes and stops on your personal page at HSL.fi.

You can see your selected stops and routes on the front page of the app’s Journey Planner. There you can also view your selected routes and see the next departures from your stops.

On the Home tab, service updates for your selected routes and stops will appear at the top of the news feed.

Click here to edit your routes and stops at HSL.fi