Changes to commuter train services between Leppävaara and Kauklahti on weekends in March and April

There will be changes to train services between Leppävaara and Kirkkonummi on four Sundays in March and April 2023 due to replacement of railway safety devices. The changes are related to the Espoo City Rail Link project.

Train services will be disrupted between Leppävaara and Kauklahti on four Sundays, 5 March, 12 March, 19 March and 2 April. The services will be disrupted from Sunday 4am to Monday 4am. E and U trains will be cancelled on the Sundays in question. L trains from Helsinki will be cancelled from 3.03am and L trains from Kirkkonummi from 4.57am. L trains will be cancelled in both directions also after midnight on the Sunday nights in question. The first trains on Monday morning will run as usual, the first L train departing from Kirkkonummi at 4.27am and from Helsinki at 4.33am.

The cancelled trains will be replaced by additional A trains between Leppävaara and Helsinki. From Leppävaara onwards, the trains will be replaced by buses. For timetables, stops and alternative routes, see the Journey Planner.

Routes of replacement buses

The cancelled E, U and L trains will be replaced by buses. Replacement bus 211E will run from Leppävaara to Kauklahti, bus 211U from Leppävaara to Kirkkonummi via the intermediate stations (excluding Kera station; there will be no replacement services to/from Kera). A trains run between Leppävaara and Helsinki.

In addition, replacement bus 213X will run from Espoon keskus via Tuomarila to Elielinaukio in Helsinki.

Replacement buses

  • 211U Leppävaara–Kirkkonummi
  • 211E Leppävaara–Kauklahti
  • 213X Elielinaukio–Tuomarila–Espoon keskus
    • In addition, bus 182X will have one service from Kirkkonummi to Siuntio.


Replacement of railway safety devices on the section of line

In spring 2023, the track vacancy detection system will be upgraded on the section of railway line between Leppävaara and Kauklahti. The system supplies information about whether a track in a particular section is clear or occupied. The upgrade will enablescommuter and long-distance train services to be separated to their own tracks at a later stage in the project. During the upgrade works, the safety device system will be switched off and therefore, train services will have to be halted.

The Espoo City Rail Link project will add two new tracks between Leppävaara and Kauklahti. They will be built next to the existing tracks. The new tracks will significantly reduce the line’s vulnerability to disruptions and enable more services to be added. Station environs and Park & Ride facilities will also be improved. Cities will carry out separate projects in connection with the rail link project, such as a cycle and pedestrian path along the railway line (Rantaradanbaana). The aim is to improve Coastal Line commuter train services as well as long-distance services in the direction of Turku to meet the needs of increasing passenger numbers.