Coastal Line train services to be disrupted for five weeks from 24 June – Trains replaced by buses

Train services on the Coastal Line will be disrupted for five weeks from 24 June to 28 July. During the disruption, there will be no train services from Leppävaara towards Kauklahti, Kirkkonummi and Siuntio. Westbound train services from Leppävaara will be replaced by buses. E, U, L, and Y trains will not run. U, L, and Y trains will be replaced by buses 211U, 211X, and 249Y.

During the service disruption, train services from Leppävaara in the direction of Kauklahti, Kirkkonummi and Siuntio will be replaced by buses. Buses 211U, 211X, and 249Y will replace U, L, and Y trains between Leppävaara, Kirkkonummi, and Siuntio. Buses 211U and 211X will stop at all intermediate stations or near the stations. Bus 249Y will provide a more direct service from Leppävaara along Turunväylä to Espoon keskus and via Ring III to Kirkkonummi. Some services will run to Siuntio.

Kuva korvaavien bussien reiteistä.

Replacement buses:

  • 211E Leppävaara–Kauniainen–Espoo–Kauklahti
  • 211U Leppävaara–Kauniainen–Espoo–Kauklahti–Kirkkonummi
  • 211X Leppävaara–Kauniainen–Espoo–Kauklahti–Kirkkonummi–Siuntio
  • 213X Elielinaukio–Turunväylä–Espoo
  • 249Y Leppävaara–Turunväylä–Espoo–Ring III–Kirkkonummi(–Siuntio)

The rail replacement buses will depart from bay 11 in Leppävaara. At Elielinaukio, bus 213X will depart from bay 26. Up-to-date timetables and routes are available in the Journey Planner.

The journey times of rail replacement buses can be significantly longer than those of trains. In most cases, journey times by bus will be 10–20 minutes longer than by train, but on long journeys, the increase in journey times may be more than 30 minutes.

This year, there are several service disruptions to commuter train services from Leppävaara towards Kauklahti, Kirkkonummi, and Siuntio. In May, services were disrupted on Sunday 5 May, Thursday 9 May (Ascension Day), Sunday 19 May, and Sunday 26 May. In the summer, the services will be disrupted from 24 June to 28 July. There will also be shorter service disruptions of one to two days in the autumn.


The Espoo City Rail Link project of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency entails the construction of two new tracks between Leppävaara and Kauklahti. Once completed, the rail link will improve the punctuality of commuter train services in Kirkkonummi and Espoo as well as the punctuality of long-distance train services in the direction of Turku. In addition, improvements will be made to the Kilo, Kera, Kaunainen, Koivuhovi, Tuomarila and Kauklahti train stations. The project started in spring 2021 and it is scheduled to be completed in 2028.