Energy preparedness

We are preparing for energy rationing and possible power outages during the coming winter together with other traffic service operators.

The Finnish government has issued a decree in which rail traffic is classified as a critical electricity consumer. What this means is that grid operators must strive to ensure the supply of electricity also during controlled power outages, or rolling blackouts. As regards bus services, a brief electricity outage would not prevent buses from running. However, power outages might cause traffic disruptions if traffic and street lights stopped working.

On this page, you’ll find information on how we are preparing for the coming winter.

The effect of energy savings and possible power outages on public transport

Public transport during a power outage

Despite preparations for a power outage, it is possible that problems in electricity supply could momentarily bring a halt to public transport. Additionally, in case of an accident, this could also happen under normal circumstances. In these situations passengers must follow the instructions given to them by authorities and the public transport personnel and never leave the train or metro without permission, as walking on the tracks is life-threatening.

In addition, we recommend that everyone follow the information we publish on possible disruptions on and the HSL app.

Come and join us in our energy saving efforts!

We are currently reducing our energy consumption with our partners in cooperation for instance by optimizing the temperature and lighting inside stations and on public transport vehicles.

If Fingrid, Finland’s transmission system operator, warns of a risk of electricity shortage, it is possible to cut down on energy usage on public transport for instance by reducing metro or tram services. Although this would mean fewer services, it would save electricity.

We should all do our part to save energy and ensure that public transport and our society keep functioning properly. The following pages contain information on electricity shortages and on how to save energy: