New bus routes to be introduced in western Espoo on 6 February 2023

Bus services in western Espoo will remain unchanged for a while after the opening of the metro line to Kivenlahti on 3 December 2022. The new routes will be introduced in February 2023, with the exception of trunk bus routes 520, Matinkylä – Leppävaara – Martinlaakso and 530, Matinkylä – Espoon keskus – Myyrmäki, which will start in August 2023.

Below you can read more about the changes by route. There is a separate website about changes to bus routes in Kirkkonummi.


Changes by area


Below you can read more about new routes and changes to existing routes. You can also see the headways of each route on different days of the week.


The timetables of the new routes will be available in the Journey Planner after 26 December 2022.