Route Network Plan for Tapiola and Leppävaara

When light rail line 550 starts operating between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi in 2024, there will also be changes to bus routes in Tapiola and Leppävaara. On this site we tell about the planning of the new bus route network.



Uusi linja 105 kulkee reittiä Lauttasaari - Westend - Haukilahti - Niittykumpu - Mankkaa reittiä Lauttasaarentie - Länsiväylä - Westendinkatu - Westendintie - Toppelundintie - Haukilahdenkatu - Merituulentie - Olarinluoma - Mankkaanlaaksontie - Kokinkyläntie. Linjan 111 reitti säilyy nykyisellään Matinkylän ja Teekkarikylän välillä. Linja 114 kääntyy Urheilupuistosta Tapiolan sijaan Haukilahteen ja Matinkylään reittiä Merituulentie - Haukilahdenkatu - Haukilahdenranta - Hauenkalliontie - Matinkartanontie - Matinkatu - Matinkyläntie - Suomenlahdentie - Markkinakatu.

Plan successfully passed by our Executive Board

Our Executive Board approved the route network plan for Tapiola and Leppävaara on Tuesday 8 February. The plan will now move into its implementation phase. Read a summary of the planned changes.

What were the ways to participate in the planning?

By commenting and discussing

We reported on the progress of the planning and discussed the draft plans with you on the blog. The first draft was open for comments from 1 October to 24 October 2021, the revised draft from 10 November to 21 November 2021.

By responding to surveys

The travel survey was open 2–22 August 2021. Customers were able to tell about their travel habits as well as their about expectations for public transport services in Tapiola and Leppävaara. Once the plan was completed, we asked on how we succeeded in engaging the public. The survey was open until 22 February 2022. 

By giving feedback online or over the phone

You can always give us feedback at or by calling our customer service on +358 9 4766 4000.

Kuvituskuva. Kolme ihmistä istuu bussissa.

How was the plan developed?

We planned the routes together with customers and the City of Espoo.
At first, we increased our understanding on people’s travel needs in the area, with the help of residents and people who travel in the area.

After that, we published a draft route network plan for comments. Finally, we selected the route network that will best serve our customers.

HSL Executive Board approved the route network plan on 8 February 2022. Changes to the route network are expected to be implemented in 2024.