Travel far into next year at current prices

By committing to a fixed-term saver ticket, you get 12 months travel for the price of 10. Moreover, you secure the current ticket price well into next year. Saver ticket is the most economical way to travel - as much as you like.

Piggy bank: an auto-renewing saver ticket, allowing unlimited travel, is the most economical ticket.

What is a saver ticket?

  • An auto-renewing saver subscription or saver ticket is a 360-day subscription, valid until further notice.
  • The saver ticket gives you 12 months travel for the price of 10 months.
  • You can buy saver tickets for all zones using the HSL app.
  • The ticket is charged to your debit/credit card monthly.
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Save up to EUR 219* a year on AB ticket price

Take a look at 2023 ticket prices and see how much you can save by switching to a saver ticket now.


* The annual saving compared to a regular AB monthly ticket at 2023 prices.

Mobile phone icon: saver tickets are only available as mobile tickets

How to order a saver ticket

  1. Open the HSL app on your phone and go to Tickets.
  2. Select “Season ticket” and the desired zones.
  3. Select "Adult" and a start day for your ticket.
  4. Select “Auto-renewing”.
  5. Select “Auto-renewing saver subscription”.
  6. Confirm by paying.
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More information about auto-renewing subscriptions

See the detailed Terms of Use here.