Twelve months of travel for the price of ten

With a saver subscription you save the travel costs for two months: you travel 12 months for the price of ten. The saver subscription is the most economical option: for EUR 54.10/month you always have a valid ticket. 

See how much you save if you switch from a 12-month season ticket to a saver ticket:

More information about zones
You can save up to

133,20 €

€ / year

Auto-renewing saver subscription - 30 day(s)

Fixed-term contract for 12 months
55,50 €

Season ticket - 30 day(s) 2024

66,60 €
Piggy bank: an auto-renewing saver ticket, allowing unlimited travel, is the most economical ticket.

What is an auto-renewing saver subscription?

  • An auto-renewing saver subscription or a saver ticket is a fixed-term subscription for 360 days, valid until terminated.
  • With a saver subscription you travel 12 months for the price of ten.
  • After 12 months, your subscription will automatically continue at a good rate.
  • The saver subscription is available for all zones via the HSL app.
  • The saver subscription is only available for adults.
  • The subscription is charged to your debit/credit card every month.
A valid saver ticket on the phone screen

Set up a saver subscription in the HSL app

  1. Open the HSL app on your phone and go to Tickets.
  2. Select “Season ticket”.
  3. Log in using your HSL account (if you are not already logged in), and, if need be, authenticate strongly with your online banking credentials or mobile ID.
  4. Select the travel zones.
  5. Select customer group “Adult”.
  6. Select the duration of the ticket, “Auto-renewing”.
  7. Select “Auto-renewing saver subscription”.
  8. Select payment method and go to payment.

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