Exceptions: student discount on the HSL card in these cases

Verification of enrollment information via the My Studyinfo service fails.
If we are unable to verify your enrollment information via the My Studyinfo service, you cannot use the HSL app to buy discount tickets. The enrollment information is not available, for example, for some private beauty, cosmetology and massage schools and transport sector training institutes accepted on HSL’s list of educational institutions whose students are entitled to the student discount. In addition, the enrollment information of students attending degree-oriented education in folk high schools cannot be checked via the My Studyinfo service. If you are a student in one of these schools, you will get the student discount on your HSL card by completing HSL’s discount ticket application form.

Preparatory education TELMA and TUVA
If you are attending preparatory education such as TELMA or TUVA, preparatory education for basic education or voluntary additional basic education (10th grade), you may not be able to use the HSL app. Although the information for these trainings is available in the My Studyinfo service, the rule engine that governs HSL’s student discount may prevent the use of the HSL app. For this reason, some students get the discount on the HSL app while some don’t. We will continue to develop the service to make it clearer.

Exchange students who do not have a Finnish personal identity code
If you are an exchange student in Finland, the discount entitlement is updated on your HSL card at a service point. Please bring with you a completed Exchange student discount ticket application form. Exchange students cannot use the HSL app to buy discount tickets.

Service voucher
If you have a service voucher for purchasing a student season ticket, you cannot use the voucher to buy a season ticket using the HSL app. You can buy a student ticket on your HSL card at a service point.

If you have a functional impairment that prevents you from using the HSL app, you can get a student season ticket on your HSL card.

If you cannot use a strong authentication method (you do not have online banking credentials/mobile certificate), the discount entitlement can be updated on your HSL card for no more than one term at a time.

Payment with commuter vouchers
If you use commuter vouchers to pay for a student ticket, the discount entitlement is updated on your HSL card for one term at a time. There are currently no digital HSL commuter vouchers that could be used to pay for tickets on the HSL app.

Digital commuter benefits (currently Edenred, Eazybreak, ePassi and Smartum) can also be used to pay for season tickets on the HSL app if the benefit balance available is greater than the price of the season ticket. Otherwise, you can use the digital benefit on the HSL app to buy single and zone extension tickets.

Exception: ePassi MyMoney
As you cannot combine different payment methods on the HSL app, your ePassi balance must cover the ticket price. If the amount of benefit available does not cover the ticket price, you can use the MyMoney feature of ePassi and upload money from your bank account to your ePassi balance. Other digital commuter benefits do not have this feature.