Student discount

If you live permanently in the HSL area and your are a full-time student, you can buy season tickets at a 45% discount using the HSL app. The discount does not apply to value, single and zone extension tickets. 

Student discount available only on the HSL app

From 1 January 2022, student discount will only be available on the HSL app. You can activate the discount yourself in the HSL app.The student discount entitlement must be renewed annually.

In some exceptional cases, the discount entitlement will be updated on the HSL card at a service point as before. If you have a student season ticket on your HSL card and the ticket is valid until the end of January 2022, you can use the ticket as usual until its expiry.

Buy using the app

Am I entitled to the discount?

You are entitled to the student discount if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are aged 18 or over.

  • You live permanently in the HSL area.

  • You are studying in a Finnish comprehensive school, upper secondary school, folk high school, vocational school, university of applied sciences or university.

  • You are studying on a full-time basis and the duration of the studies is at least one school/academic year (8 months). Vocational qualification studies, high school studies and university degree studies are considered full-time, other vocational studies are full-time if you study for 25 hours a week or more.

  • Under normal circumstances, your studies lead to a qualification, a degree or a basic education certificate.

  • Also students attending voluntary additional basic education (10th grade), preparatory vocational education (VALMA), preparatory studies for general upper secondary (LUVA), training preparing students for work and independent living (TELMA), and those receiving preparatory education for basic education are entitled to the discount.

You are not entitled to the student discount if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • You live permanently outside the HSL area or your school or educational institution is not located in Finland.
  • Your studies are not full-time.
  • You are a postgraduate university student studying for a licentiate or a doctoral degree. NB! The degree of Licentiate in Medicine is a basic university degree, and medical students are thus entitled to the discount.
  • You are complementing your degree or taking studies, such as pedagogical studies, to gain competence or qualifications.
  • You are studying in a liberal adult education program.
  • You are in apprenticeship training or on an internship.

Activating your student discount

You can activate the discount yourself in the HSL app. If you are using the HSL card, you must visit a service point to update your card.