The use of multi-user HSL cards will end

If you have a multi-user HSL card, use up any remaining value you have on the card and then start using the free HSL app on your phone. If you have a personal HSL card, you can continue using it as usual. You can use the search function below to check which one of the two card types you have.

Check your card

Multi-user HSL cards and personal HSL cards do not differ in their visual appearance. Enter the sequence of numbers on your HSL card (18 digits) in the field below and read the instructions.

Tickets via the HSL app

The HSL app is the best alternative to the multi-user HSL card. You’ll find all the tickets you need in the app. You can download the app from your app store free of charge.


Why will the multi-user HSL cards be discontinued?

The use of multi-user HSL cards will end because we are in the process of implementing a new background system for public transport tickets. The new system entails a simpler ticket range which will no longer feature separate multi-user and personal HSL cards.

When will the multi-user HSL cards be discontinued?

The multi-user HSL cards can be used until the new background system is in use. We will inform our customers of the exact date when the multi-user cards stop working at least two months in advance. However, we recommend that all multi-user HSL card holders start using other ticket options as soon as possible.

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Tickets for companies via HSL Business Portal

Companies can use the HSL Business Portal instead of the multi-user HSL cards. The portal is an easy-to-use online service intended for companies and communities for ordering, issuing and managing their personnel’s commuter benefits and tickets for business travel. Employees can use their tickets and benefits in the HSL app.

For employers

We recommend that you use up any value you have on your multi-user cards and then dispose of the cards with mixed waste. After this, you can start using the HSL Business Portal and provide your employees with tickets that they can use directly via the HSL app.

For employees

For now, you can continue using your multi-user HSL card as usual. However, as the product will be discontinued, we recommend that you talk to your employer about products that you can use to replace the multi-user cards. In the future, you can get tickets directly to the HSL app.