HSL Customer Service

Tel.  +358 9 4766 4000
Mon-Fri 7.30am-7pm, Sat-Sun 9.30am-5pm

HSL service points and Penalty Fares Office

Contact HSL:

Helsinki Region Transport
Street address: Opastinsilta 6 A, Itä-Pasila, Helsinki
Postal address: PO Box 100, 00077 HSL 
Switchboard: +358 09 4766 4444


Email:  (registry)
Office hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-4pm.

Online billing address

OVT 003722745863
Operator: CGI Suomi Oy

Business ID: 2274586-3

VAT number: FI22745863

Main office

The HSL main office is located in Itä-Pasila, Helsinki. Our address is Opastinsilta 6 A. The reception is on the 2nd floor.
HSL’s main office is easily accessible by public transport. Pasila railway station is a 5-minute walk from the office as well as the stops of buses running along Mäkelänkatu. Also tram routes 7 and 9 have stops close to the office. There is a bike stand next to the main entrance.

Parking spaces are available in the Kasöörinkatu 6 car park. Guests arriving by car should contact their host at HSL to ensure they can get in the car park.

Accessible entrances are at the ground level and they can be accessed via Opastinsilta. There is a lift at the main entrance that will take you to the reception on the 2nd floor. Also the ‘Spora’ meeting room located at the ground level is fully accessible. There are lifts from the car park to the reception.

Kartta HSL:n päätoimipisteestä

Management and Communications

Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi

+358 9 4766 4040

Secretary Gunilla Ahlfors +358 9 4766 4041
Customer Experience and Sales    
Director of Department Mari Flink +358 9 4766 4420
Marketing and Communications Manager Sari Kotikangas +358 45 657 5767
Communications Specialist Johannes Laitila +358 40 528 2976
Communications Specialist Tuija Ruoho +358 400 846 067
Communications Specialist Tapio Tolmunen +358 50 385 5055
Administration and Strategy    
Director of Department Ilmari Mäkinen +358 50 364 8772
Technology Solutions    
Director of Department Hannu Heikkinen +358 50 575 5510
Transport System and Research    
Director of Department Sini Puntanen +358 9 4766 4260
Public Transport    
Director of Department Tero Anttila  +358 9 4766 4330


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