Customer service

Our customer service provides advice on how to use public transport and assists you with any problems.


We offer tools and solutions for smart commuting.

HSL main office

Our main office is located in Itä-Pasila, Helsinki. Our address is Opastinsilta 6 A. The reception is on the second floor.

Management and communications


Chief executive officer
Mika Nykänen

Assistant to the Executive Director
Gunilla Ahlfors

Customer Experience and Sales
Director of Department
Mari Flink

Administration and Strategy  
Director of Department
Ilmari Mäkinen

Technology Solutions
Director of Department
Hannu Heikkinen

Transport System and Research
Director of Department 
Sini Puntanen

Public Transport (routes and timetables)
Director of Department 
Tero Anttila



Sari Kotikangas, +358 45 657 5767

Communications Specialist
Tuija Ruoho, + 358 400 846 067

Communications Specialist
Tapio Tolmunen, +358 50 3855 055