Buying a ticket is easy, survey shows

HSL received positive feedback in a survey conducted in June. In particular, the respondents were of the opinion that buying a ticket for HSL’s public transport is easy. In addition, the respondents were satisfied with HSL’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The survey also shows that the respondents felt considerably safer when traveling on public transport: the number of satisfied passengers increased by 23 percent from March.

All in all, our customers are now more likely to recommend our services than in the spring. The customer survey conducted in June 2021 included an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question that is used to measure how likely respondents are to recommend our services. The so-called NPS score was 29, whereas in March the score was 24. According to the survey, 47 percent of the respondents would recommend our services, whereas 18 percent voiced criticism towards HSL’s services.

The most enthusiastic proponents live in zone A in Helsinki. Those living in zone B in Helsinki and Vantaa were also inclined to recommend HSL’s services to their friends and colleagues. Compared to March, the NPS score rose in all other zones except zone C in Vantaa and zone B in Espoo and Kauniainen. However, even in these zones the score was good.

The survey also covered questions on remote work. Approximately every third respondent had worked remotely five days a week over the past three months. One in three respondents would like to continue working remotely at least three days a week. The respondents who were most willing to work from home at a regular basis were those aged between 30–39 and 40–49. Compared to women, men had a slightly more favorable disposition towards remote work.

Four times a year we conduct a survey where we ask our customers how willing they are to recommend our services to their friends and colleagues. Based on addresses in our database, we send the survey via email to our customers. The replies are then used to calculated the so-called Net Promoter Score, which can range from –100 to +100. In June, we sent an invitation to the survey to 350,000 customers and we got more than 8,000 replies.

NPS results (in Finnish)