We are developing a regional city bike service to be introduced in 2026

We are starting preparations for the procurement of a regional city bike service. The plan is to create a unified city bike service for the entire region that will be closely integrated into public transport. The regional service will remove barriers to use across municipal boundaries and enable smooth inter-municipality journeys.

According to user surveys and statistics, city bikes complement public transport and improve the accessibility of public transport. About half of city bike users travel part of their journey by a city bike and part by public transport at least occasionally.

We want to integrate city bikes more closely into the public transport network. Our role as a regional public transport agency puts us in a good position to develop the city bike service as part of the regional public transport network.

We asked our member municipalities for their views on the continuation of the city bike service after the current contracts terminate in 2025. The majority of the municipalities were in favor of a model in which the cost and revenue generated by the city bike service are distributed to the municipalities according to the matching principle. The municipalities can still choose whether to adopt the city bike service and to what extent. The municipalities decide the location of bike stations within their boundaries. The municipalities are also responsible for street infrastructure, possible electricity connections, applying for permits and negotiations for advertising space. In practice, the operating model would be the same as for bus stops and shelters.

A regional service and integrated technical system will provide significant resource and cost savings because only one customer interface with its services will be needed. Moreover, the service will be easier and clearer for customers: a single log in will provide access to a regional bike system. We are also studying how the current service should be developed: should the season be extended and should electric bikes or cargo bikes be included in the service.

We will develop the cooperation model for the city bike system together with our member municipalities during 2022. Our Executive Board will decide on the launch of a potential tendering process and procurement of the service in due course.