Technical problems with ticket sales on 3 December

There are technical problems with our ticket sales affecting, for example, part of our full-range ticket machines on Friday afternoon 3 December. The HSL app and the HSL card online top up are working as usual.

There are technical problems with our ticket sales and HSL cards cannot be topped up at

- Part of full-range ticket machines 
- Part of card readers at Park & Ride facilitieslies
- Part of card readers at fixed locations
- Part of single ticket machines

If a ticket machine gives an error message saying that the payment was interrupted, the ticket will not be charged to your account but you may see an authorization hold for the purchase on your account. The authorization hold should be released within three weeks. 

The supplier is working to solve the problem but the duration of the disruption is not yet known. We apologize for the problems and for any inconvience caused.

Tickets can be purchased as usual 

- via HSL card service (online top up)
- using the HSL app (single, day and season tickets to your smartphone)