First ever tram arrived in Espoo

On 1 February, Espoo saw its first tram as the technical test runs of the Jokeri light rail line moved from Helsinki to Espoo.

The first ever light rail line vehicle crossed the Helsinki-Espoo border on 1 February at 9am. 

The tram did not take any passengers as it was on a test run. The vehicle’s pace was leisurely: it arrived at the Vermo stop at walking pace, surrounded by a group of people who made sure that everything was in order.

The technical test runs and commissioning tests are conducted in Espoo in two phases. In the first phase, the test run area extends from the mouth of the Patterinmäki tunnel in Helsinki to Alberganesplanadi close to Sello.

In March, the test runs will continue from Alberganesplanadi towards the western terminus in Keilaniemi.

In each area, the test runs include, for example, testing of switch control and traffic light systems as well as running the tram in various weather conditions and at different speeds.

The light rail line will run between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi. The length of the line is about 25 km, of which 16 are in Helsinki and 9 in Espoo. There will be 34 pairs of stops along the route. One tram car can accommodate more than twice as many passengers as a bus.

The light rail may start operating already in autumn 2023, provided the test runs are successful and there are enough drivers and vehicles.

On the other hand, HSL is prepared for the possibility that the light rail line does not start in the autumn and bus 550X continues to run until the end of 2023. The decision on the start of operation will be made at a later stage.

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