Multi-journey ticket added to ticket range following successful trial

Since the introduction of the multi-journey ticket in May 2023, the total sale of the product has been over EUR 9 million. In January, the monthly sale of multi-journey tickets was EUR 1.4 million, which is almost 17 procent of all single tickets for adults purchased via the HSL app. VAT is included in these figures.

Multi-journey tickets resemble season tickets in many ways: they are mainly used for commuting and most tickets are purchased for zones AB. The users of multi-journey tickets have been satisfied with the product and feel that it meets their actual travel needs.

The multi-journey ticket trial was the first of its kind where we added a new ticket type to our ticket array based on positive feedback from customers. Since the decision was made based on the popularity of the new ticket type, we would like to thank all users of multi-journey tickets!

Due to technical reasons, multi-journey tickets are available only in the HSL app. We will continue to carry out ticket trials targeted to smaller user groups in order to maintain a low technical threshold for future trials. Before making a decision on introducing new ticket types, we will always carefully analyze the effects of the solution that is being tested. This is because our goal is to increase the use of public transport.

For now, multi-journey tickets are available only for adults and can be purchased only via the HSL app. During the spring, we will examine the possibility of making changes to the properties of the ticket based on customer feedback.