Three new card readers piloted

We will reform our tickets, payment processes and back-end systems during 2024–25. Our first step is to replace the current card readers at stations and on public transport vehicles with new ones. The first new card reader was put in trial use on the Suomenlinna ferry pier on 6 March. After this, two new readers were installed at the Kalasatama metro station and on trunk route bus 600. You can purchase tickets with the value you have on your HSL card by showing the card to the new reader. Contactless payment with Visa and Mastercard will be introduced later this year.

Updated 2 April: The pilot was suspended due to technical glitches.

Three new card readers in test use

The pilot phase began with one new card reader that was placed on the Suomenlinna ferry pier on 6 March. After this, two new readers were installed at the Kalasatama metro station and on trunk route bus 600. The next step is to install new readers on one tram and commuter train as well as at metro stations. We will continue installing new readers once we have ensured that the already installed readers function without problems.

Before introducing the new readers on a larger scale, we will run careful tests to ensure their functionality and operational reliability. We will keep our customers informed of the progress of the installation work once the pilot phase comes to an end and we have established a clear time frame for the installation work.

How to use the new card reader


The process of purchasing a ticket with the new reader is similar to that of the current readers: First, you select the desired zones and then show your HSL card to the reader. Later in the year, we will introduce contactless payment.

The zone buttons on the new reader are split into two views if you are in zone B, C or D. There is an arrow on the right side of the view that you can use to move between the two views. The Suomenlinna ferry pier is located in zone A, meaning that all available tickets are displayed on one view.

You can find instructions and tips on how to use the new reader here.

The new readers help pave the way to smoother traveling

The new card readers are part of an extensive project to reform our tickets and payment processes and upgrade our back-end systems. During the project, an entirely new account-based ticketing system will be built for buying and using tickets. In addition, we will also replace approximately 4,200 card readers that are currently in use at stations and on public transport vehicles. According to the current schedule, all readers will be replaced by the end of 2024.

The readers must be replaced in order to enable contactless payment. In the future, passengers can purchase single tickets by showing their Visa or Mastercard card to the card reader.

The purpose of the new readers is to make traveling and purchasing tickets easier and smoother. Using digital services and purchasing tickets online will become easier and we will be able to offer more comprehensive self-service channels to all those customers who wish to use them. You can still continue to use physical sales points, such as kiosks and shops, to purchase tickets and top up your HSL card.