Trunk route 550 rerouted away from Maaherrantie in March 2021

The demolition of the old Maaherrantie railway bridge will start in March 2021 and trunk route 550 will be diverted. The Oulunkylä station, Verämäki and Viikinmäki bus stops on Maaherrantie will not be served.

Maaherrantie will be closed to traffic until the new light rail line starts operating. Once the works are completed, the street will be for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists only. In other words, buses will not return to Maaherrantie.

When planning the diversion routes, the aim has been to ensure smooth running of public transport services but also to ensure the flow of traffic. Unfortunately, the changes to the traffic arrangements mean that some direct journeys will require transfers or alternatively, walking distances will increase.

BC and BCD tickets will be exceptionally accepted on trunk route 550 due to the diversion. In other words, if your journey on trunk route 550 begins and ends in zone B, you will be able to travel with a BC or BCD ticket. If you get on the bus at a stop located in zone A, you will need a ticket covering also zone A as usual.

Area surrounding Oulunkylä station from 1 March 

Major construction work to the east of Oulunkylä station will also affect walking routes in the area. For example, the underpass at the northern end of the station will be demolished. The works will begin in March on the Larin Kyöstin tie side of the underpass. Pedestrian and cycle access will be via Oulunkyläntie for about three months. 

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Alternative transport links

  • Viikinmäki bus stops: Take bus 71 from the Kiviteltankatu or Pihlajisto shopping center bus stop to the Viikinranta bus stop and change to bus 550 to Itäkeskus or to Westendinasema. On Viikintie, the Maaherrantie stops are also served.
  • Veräjänmäki bus stops: Take bus 65 from the Aidasmäki or Kestikuja bus stop to the Taivaskallio bus stop and change to bus 550 to Itäkeskus or to Westendinasema.
  • Oulunkylä station bus stops: the closes stops for trunk route 550 are the Harjantekijäntie stops about 500 meters from the station. Bus 550 also serves the Käpytie stops.

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