Artic light rail now also runs on Sundays

From 9 January, the Artic light rail also runs on Sundays. It runs between the Market Square and Töölö under route number 4S everyday.

The Artic light rail runs everyday. For more detailed timetables, please see the Journey Planner

You can identify the vehicle by its turquoise color. In addition, the vehicle is longer than normal city trams. The vehicle has a driver's cab at both ends and doors on both sides.

The light rail vehicle procured by HKL was manufactured by Škoda Transtech at its Otanmäki factory in Kajaani. We are responsible for the design and appearance of the vehicle.

The first light rail route in the Helsinki region will be route 550. It will replace the current trunk bus route 550 between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi. Later, light rail services will operate to Laajasalo and along Vihdintie.

Information about the light rail vehicle

  • The light rail vehicle is fully low floor and accessible. The middle section is step-free.
  • Thanks to the innovative chassis of the vehicle, the air-conditioned tram has a seating capacity of 78 passengers. The total passenger capacity is 214.
  • The light rail tram consists of five modules. It has four swiveling bogies, just like the original Artic tram.  The smart control mechanism allows a spacious multi-functional area in the middle that can accommodate six prams or two large wheelchairs. There are also two seats for passengers travelling with guide dogs or pets.
  • The light rail vehicle is 34 meters long and it is bidirectional.

Read more about the vehicle (in Finnish)