Tillinmäki residents prefer to change to the metro in Espoonlahti and most often use services available in Lippulaiva

We conducted a brief survey for Tillinmäki residents in December 2023. In the survey, we asked about the residents’ preferred interchanges to the metro as well as about their use of local services. The survey was sent to residents in postcode area 02330. A total of 464 people responded to the survey, 243 of whom told that they live in Tillinmäki. Many thanks to all respondents!

Espoonlahti metro station is the preferred interchange for the majority (64%) of Tillinmäki residents. On the other hand, the respondents expressed willingness to change to the metro in Kivenlahti (30%), although this not possible with the current bus routes.  In terms of services, respondents living in Tillinmäki most often use services available in the Lippulaiva shopping center (71%). According to the survey responses, there is potential demand for journeys to the Espoonlahti Sports Park and other sports services in the area, as 38% of respondents said they would visit them at least a couple of times a month.

Following the review of the cost-effectiveness and the mobility needs that emerged in the survey, we will withdraw bus route 147 and reroute bus 158 to run via Kivenlahti metro station and Laurinlahti to Espoonlahti metro station. In the future, Kivenlahti metro station will be the best interchange for those travelling from Tillinmäki. Moreover, in the future, bus 158 will take passengers closer to services in Kivenlahti and to the Espoonlahti Sports Park without interchanging.

Bus 163 will continue to run between western Tillinmäki and Espoonlahti metro station (Lippulaiva) as now.

The rerouting of bus 158 will also provide a faster connection from Tillinmäki to Kivenlahti metro station as well as transport links to the sports park in southern Espoonlahti. Bus 542 will replace the withdrawn route 147 between Soukka and Espoonlahti. The bus will start running more frequently.

The operating hours of bus 158 will remain unchanged. The bus runs every 15 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays and every 30 minutes on Sundays.

The change is included in HSL’s Transport Service Plan for 2024–2025, which will be discussed by the HSL Executive Board on 23 January. We will tell more about the changes in late January.

linja 158 reitti medium.png

The image shows the new route of bus 158 which will replace bus 147. Bus route 158 from Matinkylä metro station via Nöykkiö, Tillinmäki, Kivenlahti metro station and Laurinlahti to Espoonlahti metro station.