Praise and criticism for proposed bus routes – there is still time to take part

Published on 4 May 2022 

Our proposal for new bus routes for Laajasalo has been open for public comment for just over a week. So far we have received more than 800 repsonses – many thanks for all partipants! There is still time to participate and have your say for the survey is open until 8 May.

Praise, criticism and questions

The comments we have received include praise, suggestions, criticism and questions. We have reviewed all the responses we have received so far and will, of course, review all future comments, too.

So far, residents of Kruunuvuorenranta and Yliskylä have been the most active respondents. Approximately one third of the respondents think the proposed route network is good, about one fifth thinks it is poor. Just under fifty percent of the respondents think the proposal has both positive and negative aspects.

What will we do when the period for comments has closed

Once the period for comments has closed, we will review all the responses received. Over the coming weeks, we will address the questions and comments received on this blog.

The following themes have so far received the most comments:

  • Headways
  • Streets and walking routes in the center of Yliskylä
  • Locations of bus stops
  • Links to Kruunuvuorenranta from Jollas and from the direction of Hevossalmi
  • Kuvernöörintie and Isosaarentie public transport services
  • Suggested route for bus 88