Day tickets

A day ticket available on a single-charge card is handy if you need to make several journeys during one day or several days. You can choose the number of days for your ticket from 1 to 7 days. You can purchase the card in advance. The ticket is valid from the moment you show it to a card reader at the beginning of your first journey.

Day tickets are available for all zones: there are city internal tickets, regional tickets and extended regional tickets. The tickets are available separately for adults and children (aged 7-16 years). Single-charge cards are not personal, i.e. they can be used by any person holding the card.

Using a single-charge card 

Show the card to a card reader on buses, trams, trains and at Metro stations. As the area of validity is registered on the card at the moment of purchase, you only need to show the card to the reader without pressing any of the buttons. If your ticket is valid, the card reader emits an audible and a green light appears.

You can check the expiry time of the ticket at a card reader by holding the card in the reading area.

Day tickets available also from ticket machines and onboard

Helsinki internal and regional day tickets are available also from ticket machines: the pink single ticket machines sell one day tickets for adults, the blue full-range ticket machines sell 1-7 day tickets for adults and children. 

Drivers sell Helsinki internal and regional one day tickets for adults and children.

Tickets purchased from ticket machines and drivers are paper tickets, which are valid from the moment of purchase.

Purchasing over 50 tickets on single-charge cards

If you need more than 50 tickets loaded on single-charge cards, for example for school field trips, you must order the tickets in advance using the form at the bottom of this page. You can also order single tickets and Suomenlinna tickets.

The order is binding. The single-charge cards are sent by mail; a service fee of EUR 10 is added.

Scan the signed form and email it as an attachment to You can also send the form by mail to HSL yritysmyynti, PL 104, 00077 HSL.

Single-charge cards (in Finnish)

Helsinki Card 

Helsinki Card is a discount card for visitors. It gives free entry to many museums and other sights along with a wide variety of bonuses and discounts on services and products. The card is also a public transport ticket. Helsinki Card is valid on Helsinki internal public transport services, Helsinki Card Region also in Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa. Helsinki Card is valid also during the night fare hours.

Helsinki Card banneri

The card is sold by Strömma Finland.

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