Lahdenväylä bus routes 2021

New Lahdenväylä bus routes will be introduced on 16 August 2021. We are improving bus services especially in Vantaa. Bus routes across the municipal boundary to Helsinki will serve more clearly their own areas. Vantaa internal bus routes will complement these routes. As of August, some bus routes will run to Hakaniemi in Helsinki. The routes will start running to Kalasama once the construction works in the area progress.

This page provides information about new bus routes that will start operating in August as well as about changes to the existing bus routes.

Background to the changes

Currently, bus services in East Vantaa comprise a number of bus routes that have designated service areas but not necessarily have a clear role in the route network. In the new route network, bus routes have clearer roles, as well as more even headways, enabling smoother transfers.

More frequent feeder services

In the future, there will be more frequent feeder services to Tikkurila, Korso and Koivukylä stations. Services will be reduced on some routes with low number of boardings. Even after the changes the level of service in these areas will be good considering the number of boardings, as walking distances to the closest stop will remain short.

Night bus network will be adjusted to correspond the daytime routes. After 11pm, services will be provided to the key housing areas from Tikkurila and the Railway Square in Helsinki.

Resident engagement

Residents participated in the planning on the website for the route network plan and through residents’ meetings. Residents also provided feedback on the plan. Residents were able to comment on the draft route network plan online, by email and in two residents’ meetings in fall 2017.

Based on the feedback we received, we revised the plan by speeding up route 721 serving Päiväkumpu and by shortening the peak time headways to 10 minutes. A new route 724 from Päiväkumpu to Tikkurila via Havukoski was established to serve school journeys and bus 711 was rerouted to go closer to Kuusikko.

Changes in a nutshell

The new route network comprises basic routes, complementary routes and peak-time routes

Basic bus routes to Hakaniemi (and in the future to Kalasatama) will run every 20 minutes:

  • 711, Hakaniemi – Kuusikko – Maarinkunnas – Jokiniemi – Tikkurila
  • 721, Hakaniemi – Honkanummi – Havukoski – Päiväkumpu – Rekola – Koivukylä
  • 731, Hakaniemi – Mikkola – Korso – Kulomäki
  • Bus route 717 from the Railway Square will run every 20 minutes during the daytime. The bus will run from the Railway Square via Jakomäki, Vaarala, Hakunila, Nissas, Kolohonka, Honkanummi, Maarinkunnas and Jokiniemi to Tikkurila.

Complementary bus routes will run every 30–120 minutes from the Railway Square:

  • 739 Rautatientori – Kuninkaanmäki – Nikinmäki – Leppäkorpi – Korso
  • 785-788 Rautatientori – Nikinmäki – Nikkilä

Peak-time routes

  • Bus 718(A) will depart from the Railway Square and run via Hakunila to Nissas (Itä-Hakkila – Sotunki).

More frequent service to Tikkurila, Korso and Koivukylä

The new route network will provide fairly frequent service from Hakaniemi (in the future from Kalasatama) to all district centers along the main line, i.e. to Tikkurila, Koivukylä and Korso.

  • A new route, 711, will run from Hakaniemi to Tikkurila, where it is easy to transfer to another bus or train.
  • Bus route 717 is extended to Tikkurila to replace the current routes 711 and 712 north of Hakunila. There will be more frequent bus services from Nissas to Tikkurila via Itä-Hakkila, Kolohonka and Vantaan akseli. Services will run fairly frequently from Helsinki city center to Honkanummi and Vantaan akseli every day from morning to evening. In addition, bus route 721 will provide a faster link from Hakaniemi to Vanha Porvoontie during peak commuting times.
  • Bus route 736 will provide a link from the peripheral areas (Kuusikko, Sotunki, Kuninkaanmäki, Nikinmäki, Leppäkorpi) to Korso and Tikkurila.
  • Bus route 739 will provide a link from the peripheral areas (Kuninkaanmäki, Nikinmäki, Leppäkorpi) to the center of Helsinki. The bus will serve the whole Nikinmäki area.
  • Bus routes 736 and 739 running between Kuninkaanmäki, Nikinmäki, Leppäkorpi and Korso will provide feeder service to the train station every 15 minutes at peak times and every 30 minutes at other times.
  • There will be more frequent services on route 721 from Päiväkumpu to Koivukylä train station and other local services.

The following routes will serve school journeys:

  • From Nikimäki to schools in Korso, routes 736, 737 and 739
  • From a wide area to Dickursby skola and Tikkurila Upper Secondary School, routes 570, 711, 717, 724, 735 and 736
  • From Nikinmäki to Sotunki Upper Secondary School, route 736
  • From Päiväkumpu to Havukoski School, route 721

You can view the routes and stops also on the route map for the area (a separate PDF file).

Changes to existing routes and new bus routes

New bus routes, their route maps as well as typical headways on different days of the week and at different times are listed below. You can view the routes and stops also on the route map for the area (a separate PDF file).