Outdoor attractions by public transport

The Helsinki metropolitan area is home to dozens of fascinating outdoors attractions. Our customers are most interested in public transport services to the national parks of Sipoonkorpi and Nuuksio. There is a good reason for this: national parks cover vast areas of land and they have several entrances, known as “gates”. There is a scarcity of parking spaces, especially during peak season.

One of the perks of using public transport is that you can arrive in one place and leave from another. Sometimes it is best to plan your trip so that your destination offers better public transport connections. This allows a certain flexibility in your travelling if the duration of the trip is not known.

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Nuuksio National Park

https://www.nationalparks.fi/nuuksionp (Metsähallitus)

Nuuksio, the most well-known national park i Southern Finland, has one gate that is the favorite among travellers: the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and Haukkalampi. The downside is that the gate might get crowded during peak season. During hiking seasons and especially on weekends, it is advisable to consider using some other gate, such as the one in Siikaniemi.

Nuuksio National Park turns 30 years this year. The area located in the neighborhoods of Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti is Finland's third most popular national park and a unique natural treasure, that will be celebrated with many different events throughout the year. Read more about the festivities here (Visit Espoo).

There are disruptions to train services on the Coastal Line. There is no westbound train service from Leppävaara between 24 June and 28 July, as well as on some weekends in May, August and September. Train services will be replaced by buses. Read more.

Sipoonkorpi National Park

https://www.nationalparks.fi/sipoonkorpinp (Metsähallitus)

The Sipoonkorpi National Park has several gates. Kuusijärvi, Landbo and Sotunki are the easiest to reach by public transport.


You can find more destinations on the page of Uusimaa Outdoor Recreation areas: uuvi.fi/en/areas/. You can easily reach many of these destinations by public transport. Some of the destinations are located in sparsely populated areas, which is why there is little demand for consistent public transport services in said areas outside the school year.

Public transport routes and timetables are available in the Journey Planner. You can for instance enter the name of the outdoor recreation area, the name of the gate (listed below) or the stop number as the destination. You can try entering different options.

When embarking on a trip to a national park, bring along drinking water, food, your mobile phone (make sure that your phone has the HSL app and the 112 Suomi mobile app in case you need to call the national emergency number) and a spare power source. If you decide to visit a national park alone, remember to inform someone of your tip and its estimated duration. Follow the rules laid down by the national park.