Sustainable growth through customer relationships

Our strategy is ambitious: it is a customer-oriented plan for sustainable growth and economic recovery. The emission targets set out in the strategy contribute to achieving the climate goals of our member municipalities.

Values guide our operations

Values guide our choices when we work towards our ambitious goals.

Vision and role: HSL in 2030

We provide attractive and efficient public transport and promote the vitality and growth of the region. We want to be an attractive and competent partner for actors in the field.

Our strategic objectives 2025

We have four strategic objectives that emphasize economic recovery, customers’ return to public transport and reduction of emissions:

  1. Towards zero-emission public transport
  2. Record high use of public transport
  3. Cost-effective public transport
  4. Balanced economy

Success underpinned by customer insight, smooth travel chains and knowledge-based management

There are three strategic success factors that contribute to our progress and success.