New crosstown services and trunk bus routes – changes on HSL’s public transport in August

There will be changes to HSL’s public transport services on 16 August 2021 as buses begin operating on new routes in Helsinki and Vantaa. The most visible change will take place in the western central area of Helsinki, Munkkiniemi and Munkkivuori where new trunk bus routes will replace current bus routes. In addition, crosstown bus services in Helsinki and bus routes in the direction of Lahdenväylä in Vantaa will undergo changes.

We have compiled an extensive information package on the large-scale changes that will take place in the fall on our website. The website also provides an explanation on what the concept of “trunk route network” means in public transport.

New electric articulated buses and crosstown services for Helsinki

The biggest changes in Helsinki will take place in the western part of the city where new trunk bus routes, 20, 30 and 40, begin operating. Routes 20 and 30 will replace routes 14, 18 and 39 that will be discontinued, whereas route 40 will replace former routes 40 and 43. Helsinki will also see the return of articulated buses after a break of about 20 years. However, this time the buses are powered by electricity.

Especially crosstown bus routes will change in Helsinki as some bus routes undergo changes and some are wholly replaced by new ones.

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Some bus routes towards Lahdenväylä will terminate in Hakaniemi and new trunk bus route 570 will begin operating

Public transport services will face changes especially in the eastern part of Vantaa where buses towards Lahdenväylä will begin operating on new routes. At the same time, the termini of some routes will be moved to Hakaniemi. Once the construction of Kalasatama has progressed, the terminus of said routes will be moved to Kalasatama from Hakaniemi.

Moreover, Vantaa will also get a trunk bus route of its own as route 562 is turned into route 570 that is operated using orange trunk buses.

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The trunk route network will be extended with four new routes

In accordance with our strategy, we will emphasize the role of the trunk route network in our services. The trunk route network consists of the metro, commuter trains and trunk bus routes. The trunk route network means frequent services and extensive operating hours.

As of August 2021, HSL’s public transport services will include 9 trunk bus routes. The new trunk bus routes in Helsinki include routes 20, 30 and 40 and, in Vantaa, route 570. The other trunk bus routes comprise routes 200, 500, 510, 550 and 560. You can identify the trunk buses by their orange color.

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