Four new trunk bus routes to start on 16 August

Trunk bus routes 20, 30, 40 and 570 will start on Monday 16 August. The new trunk routes are based on current bus routes. Travelling on trunk bus routes is easy and smooth: passengers can board the buses using the middle doors, journey times are fast and the buses run punctually thanks to e.g. traffic signal priorities.

New trunk bus routes 20, 30, 40 and 570 will start on Monday 16 August. The routes are:

  • Route 20: Eira – Kamppi – Munkkivuori
  • Route 30: Eira – Kamppi – Munkkivuori – Pitäjänmäki – Myyrmäki
  • Route 40: Elielinaukio – Haaga – Kannelmäki
  • Route 570: Mellunmäki – Tikkurila – Aviapolis – Helsinki Airport

Travelling on trunk bus routes is easy and smooth. The routes have open fare collection, which means you can also board the buses using the middle doors and you do not have to show your ticket to the driver.

Trunk bus services run frequently and punctually. Traffic signal priorities allow smoother travel for the new trunk route buses.

In some places, the number of bus stops will be reduced in order to further speed up the services. The stops to be removed are lightly used and walking distances to stops will remain reasonable throughout the routes.

Map: trunk route network from August 2021 (PDF)

Trunk bus routes to be operated with electric articulated buses

Trunk bus routes 20, 30 and 40 will be operated with new articulated buses. The buses are nearly 19 meters long and they have ample space for passengers as well as for prams. As the articulated buses run on electricity, they are also environmentally friendly.

On trunk bus route 570, new electric articulated buses will be introduced from August 2022.

You can identify trunk route buses and stops by their orange color.

Simplified travel

The new trunk bus routes will serve areas with high demand for bus services.

Trunk bus route 20 will replace bus routes 18 and 18N. Trunk bus route 30 will replace bus routes 39 and 39N. In the south end, the route will be extended from Kamppi to Eira, in the north end from Myyrmäki to Honkasuo. The withdrawal of the N reroutes will simplify travel.

With the introduction of routes 20 and 30, bus services between Kamppi and Eira will be more frequent and in South Helsinki, buses will run every five minutes at peak times.

Trunk bus route 40 will follow the route of the current bus 40 until Pohjois-Haaga, but from there, it will continue to Kannelmäki and Pelimannintie.

In Vantaa, trunk bus route 570 will replace route 562, but the route will be extended from Aviapolis to Helsinki Airport.

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Trunk routes form the backbone of public transport network

The trunk route network consists of rail services and trunk bus routes. Currently, there are five trunk bus routes: 200, 500, 510, 550 and 560.

Rail services and trunk bus routes form a network of clear routes that connects the key areas of the region and provide frequent service.

According to surveys, our customers value simplicity and freedom from timetables. Trunk routes clearly meet these needs.