Flexibility between office and home – commuter benefit in hybrid work

The future of work is hybrid, and it is here to stay. The HSL commuter benefit makes hybrid work easier and increases well-being at work. Having an employer-subsidized commuter ticket lowers the threshold of returning to the office and encourages employees to adopt the hybrid model instead of only working remotely.


Remote work has increased in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Statistics Finland, as many as every other Finn has worked remotely during the pandemic. Nearly 80% of those who tried working remotely for the first time during the pandemic would like to continue working remotely also once the restrictions are lifted. The corresponding figure was over 60% among those who increased the amount of remote work during the pandemic. At the moment, many companies and organizations are creating different forms of hybrid work, a model of working in which the employee divides their time between the office and a remote location.

The ability to work hybrid will be one of the criteria that employees seek when researching potential employers. Well-being at work and hybrid work go hand in hand; providing employees with the option to work both at the office and remotely may have a positive effect on their health. When working hybrid, employees are able to define the rhythm and location of work. This means that employees will rest better and be able to combine their work with their sparetime in a more functional manner. Hybrid work equals flexibility, which in turn will increase the well-being of employees.

Compared to a model in which employees only work remotely, hybrid work increases the sense of community within the workplace, which has a beneficial effect on the work itself as well as productivity. The ability to meet your collegues at the office builds trust and results in more engaged employees. According to a study conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, employees who adhere to the hybrid work model trust their co-workers more than those only working remotely. A healthy work community is a competitive advance worth investing in. The commuter benefit is an incentive for employees to work also at the office. Travelling between home and workplace is easier with a ticket that is always valid. Employees do not have to stop and think about buying a ticket and how long it is going to be valid ever time they travel. This makes travelling easy and motivational!

The HSL commuter benefit is beneficial to both the employer and employee – as well as the environment

For employers, the commuter benefit is a cost-effective and responsible way to support employees’ travelling and also encourage them to work at the office. For employees, the employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a great benefit since they can use the ticket on their spare time as well. The ticket is always valid, which makes everyday life just a little bit easier. Additionally, employees do not have worry about any tax implications since the benefit is tax-free up to EUR 3,400 a year.

Stand out among the competition by offering your employees a useful employee benefit that promotes responsibility.

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