L, S and U trains replaced by bus between Kauklahti and Kirkkonummi 15 – 17 November

Train services will be disrupted between Kauklahti and Kirkkonummi from 11pm on Saturday 15 November and 5am on Monday 17 November due to track work carried out on the coastal line on Sunday 16 November. L, S and U trains will be replaced by bus 911X.

Train service started running between Kauklahti and Kirkkonummi Monday 17th of November at 6 am. However trains run still slowly between these stations. Possible delays on trains L, S and U during the whole morning rushhour 15-30 minutes.

On Sunday 16 November, L, S and U trains will run between Helsinki and Kauklahti on their normal timetable. Y train will run only between Kirkkonummi and Karjaa.

On Sunday 16 November, the 7.46am L train from Karjaa will run only until Kirkkonummi. There will be a direct replacement bus connection from Kirkkonummi station to Elielinaukio, Helsinki at 8.30am. The bus will not stop at the intermediate stations. HSL’s tickets are accepted on the bus.

Bus 911X waits for passengers from trains at the Kauklahti station bus stop E5133 on Hansatie. Access from train to Hansatie is via the underpass.

At the Kirkkonummi station, the bus leaves from platform 5.

At the Tolsa station, bus 911X stops at the Tolsanportti bus stops Ki0415 and Ki0416 located on the Jorvaksentie ramp because of street construction work on Tolsantie.

Route of bus 911X

Timetables and departure stops of bus 911X

From Kauklahti station

From Mankki station

From Luoma station

From Masala station

From Jorvas station

From Tolsa station

From Kirkkonummi station


All HSL’s tickets are accepted as usual on bus 911X. Also VR’s tickets are accepted on the bus. However, VR’s tickets are not sold on the buses. If you are traveling by train outside the HSL area, you will be able to buy a ticket only once onboard the train.

On the buses, the space available for prams and pushchairs is limited. Bicycles are not allowed on buses.