Ticket Account Project

We have launched a new extensive Ticket Account Project that will overhaul tickets and payment methods. In the future, the tickets you buy will be stored on your user account. This allows you to choose how you wish to use your tickets and select the way that is most suitable for you. For instance, you can use the HSL app, your HSL card or some other form of token, like your debit card. The new system will also enable new pricing and payment methods in the future.

Main objectives and participation

What is the goal of the reform?

From the point of view of our customers, the reform of tickets and payment methods that we are currently planning helps to ensure smooth and easy journeys.

We strive to improve our cost-effectiveness by standardizing the technical solutions in our ticket-selling channels as well as the selection of tickets.

How can you take part and voice your opinion?

We wish to listen to our customers’ needs and wishes when planning the new service. You can participate in the development and testing of the service at different stages. Visit this page to see how the project is progressing.

When planning the reform, we sent an email to 20,000 of our customers asking for your ideas and opinions. We got 1,700 replies.

You can use tickets on your user account with your HSL card, mobile phone or some other token

In the future, tickets will be stored on your user account. You can use tickets stored on your account with a token you have connected to the account, for instance with your HSL card, the HSL app, a debit card or a smartwatch. If the card or device you have used as the token is lost, you can choose some other token. The tickets you have on your account remain safe.

You can examine and manage your travel data online

Information on the tickets you have bought and the trips you have taken is stored on your user account. You can examine your travel history and costs within a time period of your choosing. You can also delete information from your account.

Your travel data is strongly secured, and you decide what data is stored on your account.

The renewal enables completely new pricing models

If necessary, the renewal will also make it possible to change the way ticket prices are set. We are making our pricing system more flexible so that it would better serve the changing travel needs of our customers.

In the future, ticket prices can be based on zones, as they currently are. Additionally, e.g. the distance that is traveled could determine the price of the ticket. It will also be possible to incorporate e.g. price ceilings and discounts connected to user accounts into ticket prices.

Ticket Account Project in a nutshell

1. Planning alternative models for tickets and services
The current ticketing system will stay in use in the current zones during the planning phase.


2. Testing selected service models

In the testing phase we will be looking for everyday experiences from service models of the future. We will engage our customers to gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We will also examine all the areas that need to be taken into consideration in the implementation process.


3. Introducing a new ticketing system
Initially the new ticketing system will be introduced for the current zones.

The new system enables passengers to use the same tickets with their HSL card, the HSL app or some other form of token, such as a debit card or a smartwatch.


4. Renewing our pricing models and payment methods
New pricing models and payment methods become available once the new ticketing system is in use.