Ticket Account Project

We have launched an extensive Ticket Account Project that will overhaul tickets and payment methods. In the future, the tickets you buy will be stored on your user account. This allows you to choose how you wish to use your tickets: with your phone, the HSL app, the HSL card or your debit/credit card. The new system will also enable new pricing and payment methods based on new, automatic identification methods and techniques.

Objectives and participation

What is the goal of the project?

From the point of view of customers, our aim is to make buying tickets even easier and to ensure smooth travel.

We strive to improve our cost-effectiveness by standardizing the technical solutions in our ticket-selling channels.

How can you participate and have your say?

We want to design the new service to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Now we are conducting a survey to find out customers’ views on new types of tickets and zone models. Read more about the proposed tickets and zone models and complete the survey between 28 February and 13 March 2022.

You can use tickets on your user account with your HSL card, mobile phone or your debit/credit card

In the future, tickets will be stored on your user account. You can use tickets stored on your account with an identifier you have linked to the account: your HSL card, the HSL app or a debit/credit card. If the card or device is lost, the tickets you have on your account remain safe and you can easily change the identifier via your user account.

You can examine and manage your travel data online

Information on the tickets you have bought and the journeys you have taken is stored on your user account. You can examine your travel history and costs within a time period of your choosing. Your travel data is strongly secured, and you decide what data is stored on your account.

You can use your account, manage your information and buy tickets either on HSL's website or using the HSL app on our phone. If you do not use internet or a smartphone, an account can be created for you at a service point. Tickets will also be available from sales points as at present.

We are considering overhauling tickets and zones

When the new account-based ticketing system is rolled out in 2024, fares will be based on zones and tickets are purchased in advance as at present. However, we are assessing whether the price relations between zones need to be fine-tuned, and the need for new types of tickets or even changing the number of zones. We are also examining the possibility of introducing a flat fare system, in which the whole HSL area would form one zone.

Ticket Account Project in a nutshell

1. Planning new payment methods, tickets and alternative zone models
We are overhauling tickets, payment and backend systems. We are preparing a national ticketing backend system, procuring new devices and renewing user interfaces.


2. Testing tickets and zone models

We will engage our customers to gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We will also examine all the areas that need to be taken into consideration in the implementation process.


3. Introducing a new ticketing system
When the new account-based ticketing system is introduced approximately in 2024, fares will be based on zones and tickets are purchased in advance as at present.


4. Renewing payment methods
New payment methods such as contacless payment with a debit/credit card become available once the new ticketing system is in use. Tickets can also be used with the HSL card or HSL app.