Comment on the proposed new bus routes for Tapiola and Leppävaara

Published on 5 October 2021

We have been reviewing the bus routes in Tapiola and Leppävaara since summer 2021. Light rail line 550 will start operating in 2024 and bus routes serving the area need to be reviewed. In planning the proposed routes, we listened to residents and people who travel in the area. Read more about the plans by area and have your say by completing the survey. You have until 24 October to comment on the plan.

Biggest changes in the route network plan

  • Light rail line 550(external link to outside will start operating between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi.
  • Trunk bus route 550 will stop running.
  • At the request of customers (travel survey, customer workshops), we are proposing a new, fast bus route 523, Leppävaara–Tapiola–Westendinasema, that would run via Ring Road I.
  • In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, on peak demand will permanently remain lower than before and services would be shifted from peak times to off peak daytime hours. This would also enable the introduction of the new route, 523.

Why the changes?

  1. We want to ensure effective public transport links between Tapiola and Leppävaara also after the introduction of light rail line 550.
  2. We want to plan public transport routes that cater to the needs of as many people as possible in the area.
  3. We want to take account of the impacts of route network plans for the surrounding areas in Tapiola and Leppävaara.