Bus routes in Kilo, Mankkaa and Niittykumpu

On this page, we present proposed new bus routes for Kilo, Mankkaa and Niittykumpu. The map shows bus routes serving the area. Read more about the proposed routes by area and by route below. You can view all routes in a separate map service (external link to outside hsl.fi).

We are collecting comments on the proposed routes via a survey. Please completed the survey at the bottom of this page by 24 October 2021. You can also give your feedback via our feedback system and customer service (by phone or at our service point).

Map showing bus routes in Kilo, Mankkaa and Niittykumpu. The bus routes are presented in text format on the same page.sivulla.

Kuninkainen, Kilo and Nuijala

Kilo, Kuninkainen and Nuijala would be served by bus routes 114 and 544. Bus route 114 would provide transport links from Kilo to Leppävaara as well as to Matinkylä via Urheilupuisto and Niittykumpu. The route would also provide a new transport link to Haukilahti and Espoon rantaraitti. Journeys to Tapiola would require transfers to routes 548/549 or to metro at Urheilupuisto station. Changing between buses would be possible at the same stop. From Kilo, there is a fast train link to Leppävaara and Kauniainen, which can also be used for journeys to Tapiola.

Route change for bus 544 from Tapiola to Kivenlahti was decided in spring 2021. The change is related to the introduction of trunk bus route 520. This plan does not propose changes to route 544.

Taavinkylä and Vanha-Mankkaa

Vanha-Mankkaa and Taavinkylä would be served by bus routes 105, 114, 548 and 549.

The new route 105 would provide transport links from Mankkaa and Kokinkyläntie to e.g. Niittykumpu Metro Station, Espoon rantaraitti and Lauttasaari Metro Station. The route would also serve the Olarinluoma area. If the route is established, the direct bus link from Kokinkyläntie to Tapiola would be withdrawn but passengers could change from bus to the metro at Niittykumpu station. There are good bus links from Niittykumpu to other places along the metro line, e.g. to Matinkylä and Espoonlahti, as well as to Olari by routes 124 and 125.

Bus route 114 would provide a welcome transport link between Mankkaa and Matinkylä. The route would continue to provide a direct link to Leppävaara. Direct journeys to Tapiola could be made using routes 548 and 549. In addition, route 118 would provide transport links from Mankkaanlaaksontie via Urheilupuisto to Tapiola.


Niittykumpu would be served by bus routes 105 and 114. In addition, according to the Route Network Plan for South Espoo approved in the spring, also routes 121(A), 124 and 125 will serve Niittykumpu.

Bus route 105 would provide transport links from Niittykumpu Metro Station to the Olarinluoma employment area as well as via Haukilahti and Westend to Lauttasaari. The route would replace the current route 118 in Olarinluoma. We propose that bus 118 would run via the Orion employment area instead of Olarinluoma.

Bus route 114 would replace the current route 112 in Niittykumpu. The route would provide a new direct link between Niittykumpu and Leppävaara.

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