Work to develop public transport services on Ring I completed

During the review of Ring I bus routes, we improved our understanding of the travel habits and needs of people who live and travel along and around Ring I. We are studied how well the current public transport services in the vicinity of Ring I are working.

Our goal was to create attractive and cost-effective public transport services for the area. We reviewed the Ring I bus routes between autumn 2022 and spring 2023. Changes to bus route 54 and 553(K) will take effect in August 2025.


Blog 11: Thank you for participating in the review of Ring I bus routes!

The work was carried out in close cooperation with people who live, travel and work along and around Ring I. In June, we asked about residents’ experiences of participating in the planning of the routes in a survey. We received about 2,800 responses. Thanks to all who completed the survey!

How can you participate?

There were many opportunities to participate in the planning. 

Complete our online surveys

A travel survey will open in October. The survey will allow you to tell about your travel habits and expectations. We will tell more about other surveys during the fall.

Give us feedback online or call us

You can always give us feedback at or by calling our customer service on +358 9 4766 4000.

This is how the plan was developed

We planned the routes together with customers and capital region municipalities. At first, we increased our understanding on people’s travel needs in the area, with the help of people who live and travel in the area.

Once we had gained insight into customer needs, we knew how to develop public transport along and around Ring I. We prepared a draft plan for bus routes serving Ring I.

When the draft is ready, we will invite comments on the changes to bus routes and, if need be, revise the plan on the basis of the comments.

Once the draft is completed, we asked for comments of the draft and revised it based on the comments received.