HSL's Privacy Policy

We have updated our data protection policies on 24 May 2018.

We collect personal data about our customers in order to provide smooth and effective transport services.

We tell about our collection and processing of personal data in our Customer Register Privacy Statement on this page, as well as in the more detailed service-specific data protection documents available via the links on the left of this page.

The privacy of our customers’ data is a top priority. We process the data in a careful and secure manner and require the same from our subcontractors and partners in cooperation.

HSL Data Protection Policy

HSL’s Date Protection Officer: Administrative Manager Antti-Pekka Röntynen, tietosuojavastaava@hsl.fi

Submitting an access request or request for erasure of data to HSL requires strong authentication. Currently, this cannot be done online. You can submit an access request or request for erasure of data by authenticating at an HSL service point. Authentication can be done by presenting an ID document with a photo issued by the police. More information about HSL’s service points is available at https://www.hsl.fi/en/customer-service

We are currently developing a system enabling authentication online. We will inform our customers about the introduction on our website www.hsl.fi.


HSL Customer Register Privacy Statement