Top up your HSL card online – no service fee!

Log in using your HSL account to buy season and day tickets, top up value and view your HSL card data. No service fees!

This is how it works

1. Log in

Log in using your HSL account. Add your HSL card to the service to see the tickets and value on your card.

2. Buy a ticket or top up value

Buy a season or day ticket or top up value without any service fees. Pay using online banking or MobilePay.

3. Transfer the ticket to your HSL card the next time you travel

Transfer the ticket or value to your HSL card by showing the card to a card reader. You can make the transfer about 60 minutes after the payment. You cannot make the transfer at new card readers.

4. Travel without worries

Topping up and managing your card is now easy. Have a pleasant journey!

Tickets purchased via the card service cannot be transferred to the HSL card at new card readers

You can transfer value and tickets to your card using old card readers and the large blue ticket machines.

Manage all cards conveniently in one place

No service fees

Top up your card with season or day tickets and value without any service fees.

Add several cards

You can also top up your family members’ cards.

Subscribe to receive notifications by email

You will receive an email notification when the value balance on your HSL card is low or when your season ticket is about to expire.

Lost your card?

You can close your HSL card if you lose it. Contact our customer service to inquire about your lost card.

Don’t have an HSL card yet?

Buy an HSL card by logging in or from a service point.

Frequently asked questions

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