Buy a ticket and enjoy your journey

Buy a ticket and enjoy riding on public transport. The fastest and easiest way to buy a ticket is using the HSL app. The app makes travelling easier than ever before.

A man is helping another man to buy a ticket using the HSL app

Where can I buy tickets?

A boy with a backpack showing a single ticket on the HSL app.

Tips for buying tickets

  1. The HSL area is divided into four zones, identified by letters A, B, C and D, spreading out from the center of Helsinki. Check the Journey Planner to see which zones your journey passes through, which ticket you will need and how much will it cost. Read more about the HSL area and zones.
  2. Buy your ticket in advance as tickets are not sold on board. When you buy a ticket using the HSL app, the ticket must be on your phone before you board a vehicle or enter the Metro platform area or the Suomenlinna ferry pier.
  3. The validity times of single tickets vary. You can change from one service to another during the ticket validity. AB, BC and D tickets are valid for 80 minutes, ABC and CD tickets for 90 minutes, BCD tickets for 100 minutes and ABCD tickets for 110 minutes. Paper single tickets purchased from ticket machines are valid for 10 minutes longer than other single tickets.
  4. You can find ticket prices for different customer groups (children, adults, students, senior citizens) and detailed information about ticket options on the Tickets and fares page. See HSL ticket prices here.

Questions about the purchase of tickets