Get the ABCD ticket and travel farther and cheaper than before

The start of the new year doesn’t just mean increases in ticket prices. In fact, certain tickets are now cheaper than before. For example, the ABCD ticket that covers the entire HSL area is now more affordable than before. Therefore, making longer trips really pays off! The ABCD ticket is a great way to explore the entire HSL area: learn about the culture of Kerava, go shopping in Helsinki or take a ski trip in Sipoo. 

See how much you save:

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You can save up to

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€ / year
  • Season ticket - 30 day(s) 2022

    Customer groupAdult
    Travel zoneAB
    Available until 31 December 2022
  • Season ticket - 30 day(s) 2023

    Customer groupAdult
    Travel zoneAB
  • Auto-renewing saver subscription - 30 day(s)

    Customer groupAdult
    Travel zoneAB
    Fixed-term contract for 12 months
    52,70 €

    Available from 01.04.2023

Get 20% off on occasional journeys

ABCD single tickets (EUR 4.50) and ABCD day tickets (EUR 12 per day) are also now 20 percent cheaper than last year.

Now is the best time to discover places near you by public transport!

Hiking and camping in nature

In addition to the urban environment we are all familiar with, the HSL area is also home to magnificent nature destinations, such as Luukki, Sipoonkorpi, Lake Kuusijärvi and Porkkalanniemi. How does a trip to a nearby camping site sound like? Or, why not try a traditional Finnish smoke sauna in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Kuusijärvi?

Choose a destination nearby and save money and the environment

You don’t need to travel far to find culture. For example, the coastal area around Lake Tuusula that was home to many famous Finnish artists for more than a hundred years ago is a great travel destination. You can discover this rich cultural history of Finland by taking a day trip to Ainola or Halosenniemi. The Museum Card has a search function that helps you find museums near you.

If you are interested in destinations near you, why not take a trip to one of the spas located in the HSL area? You don’t need a long flight to get tropical at Flamingo Spa or Långvik Spa.

Enjoy winter through exercise

The abundance of snow provides many possibilities to enjoy the winter season without having to travel far. For example, you can find ski slopes at Serena Ski or Solvalla-Swinghill. Those interested in cross-country skiing can check the condition of skiing trails here. Additionally, there are several outdoor skating rinks all around the HSL area. You can also try skating on natural ice for instance on Lake Tuusula or on sea ice. Just make sure that the ice is thick enough!

You can take your skis, sled and skates with you on HSL public transport. Skis and sleds can be transported on all HSL public transport vehicles if there is room for them inside. The most convenient way to tranport skis on buses and trams is in the middle section of the vehicle, provided that there are no prams onboard at the moment.