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Single ticket 2018

Via HSL app


Buy HSL single tickets conveniently directly to your mobile phone with HSL app. HSL Mobile ticket is a single ticket valid on all modes of transport. There are tickets for all HSL travel zones.

From a bus


You can buy a single ticket from the driver. Please have small or exact change ready.


From a ticket machine


Tickets bought from ticket machines are valid from the moment of purchase.

In Helsinki, single tickets are cheaper when purchased from a ticket machine than from the driver.



You can order a mobile ticket by sending an SMS “A 1” to 16355. You get the ticket in the form of a reply message. The price of the ticket will be included in your phone bill.

The ticket is valid in Helsinki on the Metro, trams, commuter trains and the Suomenlinna ferry but only on certain bus routes.


Tram ticket from a ticket machine


Cheaper than a normal single ticket, valid only on trams.

Suomenlinna ticket 12h


The ticket is valid for 12 hours only on the Suomenlinna ferry.

Advance purchase single ticket


Advance purchase tickets (from 19 June 2017) are loaded on single-cards. Show the card to the card reader at the beginning of your first journey.

Day ticket 2018

You can choose a ticket for 1 – 7 days. Day tickets loaded on single-charge cards are valid from the first use. If you purchase the ticket via the mobile app, you can set the validity start date and time. One day tickets are valid for 24 hours, two day tickets for 48 hours, etc.

Helsinki internal and regional day tickets are available from blue ticket machines. With the HSL app, you can buy day tickets for 1-7 days for all HSL travel zones (internal, regional, extended region 2, extended region 3) and all HSL’s modes of transport. Helsinki internal and regional one day tickets are available also from bus drivers. These tickets are valid from the moment of purchase.

1 day ticket from bus

1 - 7 days ticket from the machine or outlet or by mobile phone
1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
6 days
7 days

Personal season ticket on Travel Card 14-366 days 2018

From service point

14 days
30 days

A personal season ticket is the most economic choice for regular passengers. It gives you unlimited travel during the period of validity.

Personal Travel Cards are available only from service points but you can load the card at service points, all sales points and HSL’s blue ticket machines.


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Multi-user season ticket 14-366 days 2018

From sales point

14 days
30 days

A multi-user season ticket can be used by any person holding the card who belongs to the same customer group.

You can purchase a multi-user Travel Card from R-kiosks in the HSL area as well as from many stores, other sales points and service points.

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