Study: Responsibility strengthens HSL’s brand

Our customers’ overall experience of our responsibility is positive and engaging. These results are from a study conducted by HSL and empathy analytics company NayaDaya Inc.

The empathy study examined customer experiences with our transport services, especially in the context of our brand and responsibility. The customer experiences were analyzed from the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) viewpoints.

Experience of responsibility was shown to have a strengthening impact on HSL’s brand. The most common emotions expressed in connection with responsibility were contentment and interest. Positive emotions were expressed almost three times more often than negative emotions. Empathy Analytics™, which is based on emotions, science and data, reveals which components of corporate responsibility are the most significant to HSL’s customers, and how they impact behavior and engagement.

"The results show that the fulfillment of our social mission is at the core of our responsibility – and we have clearly been successful in that area. Environmental responsibility attracts people the most. Public transport is deemed ecologically beneficial and engaging," says HSL’s Director of Markets Division, Mari Flink.

Responses regarding staff, customer-orientation and the Covid-19 pandemic were somewhat polarized. Respondents for whom ticket prices are important, experience negative feelings more often than positive feelings.

Many respondents expressed interest in and desire for more information about responsibility.

“Many of those interested in responsibility would like to have more information. Empathy and analytics guide us to prioritize activities and communications. By increasing understanding, we can engage citizens, promote public transport as well as strengthen both sustainable development and our own brand," underlines Flink.

The empathy study, conducted as an online survey in February 2022, attracted in total 2,674 respondents. 


NayaDaya Inc. is an empathy analytics company that empowers its customers to build an edge and a handprint from the missing piece of sustainability: human experience and engagement. Empathy Analytics™ is based on emotions, science, and data. It allows us to explore sustainability experiences among employees and customers. The method prioritizes work and communications in the context of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of sustainability. More information at

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