Frequency of light rail 15 to increase to every 8 minutes from Monday 4 March

From Monday 4 March, light rail 15 will run every 8 minutes on weekdays.

The light rail will run every 8 minutes at the busiest times on weekdays between 6.30am and 10am and between 2.30pm and 6pm. The current service frequency is every 10 minutes.

The change means an improvement especially for commuters and schoolchildren. More frequent service also reduces crowding.

The new timetables are available in the Journey Planner, remember to use a search date after 4 March.

Light rail receives praise from passengers

The service frequency will increase to every 6 minutes as we get more vehicles. The full fleet is not yet available as the light rail started operating earlier than planned.

The service, which started operating in October 2023, has already established itself in the daily lives of our passengers. Around 40,000 journeys are made on the light rail daily. Passengers are very satisfied with the new mode of transport: nine out of ten passengers are either fairly or very satisfied with HSL public transport. Light rail passengers are particularly satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicles and the signs at stops.