Trunk route 550 and route 52 to resume serving Huopalahti station in December

Trunk route bus 550 and bus 52 will resume their normal routes via Huopalahti station on 13 December 2021. The buses have been diverted since August 2019 due to the construction of a light rail line.

The construction works next to Huopalahti station are nearly completed. As of Monday 13 December 2021, trunk bus 550 and bus 52 will run via Huopalahti station along Eliel Saarisen tie. This will make interchanging between the buses and commuter trains easier.

Trunk bus 550 will resume its normal route via Eliel Saarisen tie and Pitäjänmäentie. On Eliel Saarisen tie, the bus will serve the “Ilkantie”, "Huopalahden asema" (Huopalahti station) and “Vihdintie” stops.

Also bus 52 will start running via Eliel Saarisen tie. The bus will no longer serve the following stops: “Eliel Saarisen tie”, “Haagan ammattikoulu”, “Mäkipellon aukio”, “Tunnelitie”, “Palokaivon aukio”, “Haagan urheilukenttä”, “Angervotie” and “Riistavuori”.

The junction of Eliel Saarisen tie and Nuijamiestentie will be closed from the same date. The junction will be closed until summer 2022 due to pipe and cable relocation and track construction. Consequently, neighborhood route 31 will be temporarily diverted via Eliel Saarisen tie and Ilkantie, which means the bus will not serve the “Santavuorentie” stops. Other traffic will be diverted via Huovitie and Ilkantie.

Trunk bus 550 will run between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi until the opening of the light rail line in early 2024.

Linjat 52 ja 550 reittimuutos Huopalahti