New bus routes for Central and West Vantaa and for North East Espoo

There will be major changes to bus services in Central and West Vantaa as well as in North East Espoo in August 2022. In Vantaa, there will be changes to bus routes in Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso, in Central Vantaa as well as in Kivistö.

The biggest change is that in the future, Vantaa will be served by five new frequently running trunk bus routes. Transport links to district centers will improve and the new route network will meet customers’ diverse travel needs better than before. The changes to bus routes are made to meet the changing travel needs and to accommodate changes to the urban structure. The previous changes to bus routes in the area were made when the Ring Rail Line opened in 2015.

Three new trunk bus routes

Three new trunk bus routes will be established to serve areas around Vihdintie, Hämeenlinnanväylä and Tuusulanväylä.

  • 300 Elielinaukio – Pähkinärinne – Myyrmäki
  • 400 Elielinaukio – Martinlaakso – Vantaankoski
  • 600 Rautatientori – Kartanonkoski – Helsinki Airport

Trunk bus routes reduce waiting times and interchange times. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of regional centers such as Myyrmäki and Tammisto has increased. The new routes also respond to this change.

This page provides information about new bus routes that will start operating in August as well as about changes to the existing bus routes.


Changes by area
New routes and changes to existing routes

Background to the changes

Currently, bus services in West and Central Vantaa comprise a number of bus routes that have designated service areas but not necessarily have a clear role in the route network. In the new route network, bus routes have clearer roles, as well as more even headways, enabling smoother interchanges.


More frequent feeder services

In the future, there will be more frequent feeder services to Myyrmäki and Aviapolis stations. Services will be reduced on some routes with low number of boardings. The level of service in these areas will remain good considering the number of boardings, as walking distances to the closest stop will remain short.


Night bus network will be adjusted to correspond the daytime routes. After 11pm, services will be provided between key housing areas and Elielinaukio and the Railway Square in Helsinki.

Resident engagement

Residents participated in the planning on the website for the route network plan and through residents’ meetings. Residents also provided feedback on the draft plan. Residents were able to comment on the draft route network plan online, by email and in several residents’ meetings. We also reviewed changes made after the opening of the Ring Rail Line on the basis of travel surveys.

Changes by area

Ideas behind the changes

  • Trunk routes are easy to use and they provide service with extensive operating hours. 
  • Stronger transport links to regional centers. 
  • Network-like and frequent services to meet people’s diverse travel needs. 


Below you can read more about the changes by area.

Changes to existing routes and new bus routes

New bus routes and changes to existing bus routes are listed below.

Night bus routes

There will also be changes to night bus routes. Night bus routes will mainly be based on the service areas of they daytime routes. After 11pm, services will be provided to key housing areas from downtown Helsinki and to Helsinki Airport.

Trunk bus routes that also serve at nighttime:

  • 300, Elielinaukio – Pähkinärinne – Myyrmäki
  • 400, Elielinaukio – Martinlaakso – Vantaankoski
  • 600, Rautatientori – Kartanonkoski – Helsinki Airport

Night bus routes

  • 345N, Elielinaukio – Rinnekoti (The bus will no longer run via Pähkinärinne, which will be served by trunk bus route 300.)
  • 415N, Elielinaukio – Helsinki Airport (via Myyrmäki)
  • 431N, Elielinaukio – Kuninkaantammi – Vantaanlaakso – Kivistö – Airport
  • 436N, Elielinaukio – Myyrmäki – Martinlaakso – Kalajärvi

Kartta yölinjat 415N, 431N, 436N.

Detailed timetables

PDF timetables are available at from 13 June. The timetables will be available in the Journey Planner from 18 July 2022.