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HSL’s tickets, Journey Planner and transport information tailored specifically for you - all in one app! You can download the HSL app for free from App Store, Google Play and AppGallery.


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Your phone is your ticket.

Pay your ticket quickly with a credit card attached to the app or by mobile.

HSL’s tickets available on the app

  • Single tickets for adults and children and for passengers aged 70 years and over
  • Zone extension tickets for adults and for passengers aged 70 years and over
  • Day tickets (1-7 days) for adults and children
  • Season tickets: 30 days for adults, children aged 13-17 and students; auto-renewing subscription for adults and children aged 13-17; auto-renewing saver subscription for adults. Read more

The tickets cost the same as tickets purchased with the HSL card. Tickets purchased on the HSL app are not valid for Park & Ride.  

Find a route.

Wherever you’re going in the capital region, the Journey Planner finds you the best route. It also knows what ticket you need for your journey. You’ll be able to buy your ticket in a blink of an eye.

Get information relevant to you.

The app knows you and your interests. For example, you can see disruption alerts for your favorite routes and your neighborhood in one glance. The app makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date.

Download the app

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